Adventure Quest Worlds


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At first, when you start out, you will be a Warrior, Mage, Healer, or Rogue.  On the bottom of the screen of the game should be an icon bar. That icon bar has your basic icons : Resting, World Map, Options, or settings, Temp Inventory, and Inventory. Resting helps you regain your HP when you are low on it. It also reboosts mana. The world map is basically a sheet of paper that allows you to go to whatever town you click on. ( Note that some places require upgrade.) Inventory is what you store your items in. Temp inventory is, of course, tempary. When you log out you lose the items you had. The icon bar also contains your style of attacks, (depending on which rank you are) , and your Exp and ranking points.

Ok. Just like dragonfable, you click on where you want to go. To attack something, you just double-click the monster and your player should do the rest. You can choose the style of attack. I prefer decisive strikew, which is on Warriors. To talk to a NPC, or non-playing-character, you click the red or yellow bubble above their heads.



Adventure Quest Worlds Introduction

Ok for all you people who like to go onilne and play games, this is the site for you. I think one of the best online games is Adventure Quest Worlds. This game is created by the makers of Dragonfable, Mechquest, and Adventurequest to. Adventure Quest Worlds is a game with all of those combined. I think that is is better than Runescape, which gives many peoples computer viruses. 

Adventure Quest Worlds

Above is a video preview of what Adventure Quest Worlds is.  Above is a picture of Adventure Quest Words. As you can see, it is a multiplayer game. I will be updating and publishing more info.